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Relocatable Equipment Buildings or REBs are steel shipping containers which can be customised for use across various industries but are most often deployed trackside to accommodate safety critical railway signalling and telecommunications equipment. 

Designed to a quality specification and in line with UK safety standards, Eldapoint’s REBs offer a high degree of strength, container security and adaptability and are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. We have more than 45 years’ experience in supporting our clients, delivering sustainable, cost-effective units which are highly flexible and can be fully tailored to suit a wide variety of requirements across different sectors.

Our award-winning manufacturing division will deliver a high quality bespoke design solution for your relocatable equipment building REBs project as part of unrivalled single source shipping container service. We guide you throughout the planning stage through design, container manufacture to installation.


Our units are manufactured to BR1615 ’D’ standard which means they are fully compliant with all the technical requirements for buildings designed to accommodate railway signalling and telecoms equipment.

Having delivered more than 20 years’ support for the rail sector, we fully understand the industry’s requirements. We hold LINK-UP Railway Registration Certification for REBs and Portable Equipment Buildings (PEBs) so you’re guaranteed your unit will be manufactured to the highest design standards.

Safety is the top priority for Eldapoint and all our REB installations are carried out by staff who are fully qualified in PTS (Personal Track Safety) training.


REBs are employed across a range of sectors with uses including:

  • Signalling Relay Rooms
  • Telecoms Buildings
  • Computer Rooms
  • Radio Rooms
  • CCTV


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