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Taking Centre Stage – From Events to Experimental We Place You Front and Centre with your audience.

Whether you are in wellies or black tie, Reading Festival, city centre pop up events or experimental brand campaigns, the popularity of an al fresco get together carries great appeal. From brand awareness to events, modified shipping containers and bespoke manufactured units are certainly driving new solutions.

Portable, versatile and cost effective. Just a few of the many reasons why event organisers and marketeers are embracing the world of converted shipping containers and bespoke manufactured units. A number of products supplied by Eldapoint continue to drive engagement, house equipment and people, and provide the infrastructure required to deliver successful events.

Some of the world’s leading brands, including Adidas and Coca Cola, along with recognised UK event organisers are turning to the solutions that both bespoke manufactured buildings and container conversions provide. Helping to reach, entertain and engage audiences makes these products a firm part of planning an event. In this feature article we delve into the endless possibilities Eldapoint provide and explore why they are making a huge difference to these sectors.

Supporting our customers to deliver exceptional events with our bespoke manufactured units

Experience is key to delivering products and supporting events that have public interaction. Eldapoint is ISOQAR Accredited and members of The Modular & Portable Building Association. This allows our customers to take confidence in our credentials.

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From ‘Getting In’ to Front of Stage – Our Event Solutions Is Driving Success

Imagine the scene? You’ve had your beer and burger, paid a visit to the loo, bought your merchandise and it’s time for the band to strike the first chord. From arrival to exit, it’s now common practice that the buildings you interact with are likely to be modified shipping containers or bespoke manufactured units. The whole experience of your attendance at an event, from welcoming you, to keeping you safe and comfortable throughout, adds positively to your experience. Your use of the buildings, units and infrastructure solutions we provide help ensure you rave about the event from beginning till end.

Eldapoint is a trusted supply partner to a number of event management companies and brands, delivering great audience experiences throughout the UK.

The UK event’s industry numbers add up to a healthy sector:

  • Worth an estimated £42.3bn
  • Employing over 570,000 full time people
  • 35% of the UK’s visitor economy is accredited to the sector
  • Estimated that the UK hosts over 7,000 major outdoor events each year

It’s certainly not an industry to be under estimated. Growth is evident year on year also and with popularity, from major events to micro brand experiences, this industry seems to be in good shape. But, let’s take a look at our involvement. From planning the space, to products and logistics.

Working to Your Needs, Location and Event

Ticketing booths, restrooms, stages and welfare units, amongst others, are all part of our bespoke manufacturing division and container conversions team portfolio of products. No matter how you need a building to accommodate people or provide facilities, our planning, design, build and logistics provide turnkey solutions.

Tony Pritchard, Eldapoint Liverpool’s Conversions and Depot Manager explained how our approach, products and process makes the difference.

“It’s about understanding what needs, or sometimes challenges, our units will bring solutions to. For some, with experience, it can be as simple as ordering the required product from our range. Site offices, merchandise stores, or converted containers for food outlets.

On the other hand, considerations may be needed in regard to the site location, layout and what units offer the best options. We have assisted customers in many ways and our experience has taught us that good, open communication and an understanding of use, allows us to design, manufacture and supply container units that ‘fit the bill’.

With Eldapoint having on site manufacturing capabilities, customers really do have the opportunity to be creative with space, look and use. From building out units with unique cladding options to creating internal spaces that offer audience experiences, we have the capabilities to match even the most creative and demanding ideas.

Tony explained further, “We have continually been presented with some interesting ideas for events. For one of our customers, we worked closely with them to plan solutions for an event that required offices for event staff, an enclosed ‘green room’ indoor area for artists, welfare facilities and a series of pop up catering units.”

“As this was a UK touring event, it was important that we addressed each site space on the rota and tailored the units to be as portable as possible, whilst being robust, comfortable and eye-catching when on-site. Sustainability of units is often paramount to our customers, as is health and safety, so allowing them to be able to modify for future use, these provide a sound investment. Re-use and adaptability are key for many of our event management clients.”

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Delivering Brand Experiences – The Versatility of Container Buildings Never Cease to Amaze

From the world’s global brands to boutique stores, more and more are realising that manufactured units or container conversions provide a great way to reach, engage and win new audiences.

As previously mentioned, Adidas were one brand who took advantage of the versatility of shipping containers to create an unforgettable experience for their customers at Lollapalooza, a popular music festival in Grant Park, Chicago.

We are all familiar with the iconic blue box with the three stripes but when presented with this as a cleverly disguised full-scale shipping container, that you simply walk into, it takes on a whole new perspective.

Adidas took the opportunity to invite festival goers to come inside and view the latest trends of their shoes. Creating a memorable external and internal experience could be viewed by some as a ‘marketing gimmick’, although it’s fairer to give credit to a brand team who realised how this converted container would provide additional brand awareness, through word of mouth and social media with those lucky enough to see the unit in situ.

As you can imagine, festivalgoers couldn’t help but wander over to see what the giant Adidas shoebox was, explore and become brand advocates. As you can imagine, social media was quick to promote on Adidas behalf.

Over the years, we’ve also all become accustomed to the marketing savvy brand that is Coca-Cola. Recently we’ve all searched through the local store attempting to find our own, a loved ones or a friend’s name on the printed sleeves. These were originally introduced to us when the company used converted shipping containers to explain to us their latest experiential marketing event - “Personalise Your Coke” – campaign. A place for the brand marketeers to deliver an experience that spread their marketing gospel past the doors of the converted shipping container.

From touring drink product launches, food festivals and charitable campaigning, the shipping container conversions are proving to be a natural partner to those looking to drive campaigns.

Hugh Daly, Eldapoint Container Conversion and Sales Manager is someone who has seen his fair share of unique container conversion and experimental projects.

“I’ve been lucky to work on many event and experimental projects. It continually excites me to see some of the innovation the team at Eldapoint bring to these projects. I recently re-visited a project for a double storey, coffee house and event space to take some up to date pictures and see how the space was being used now.

Even although I project managed the design, planning, build, fit out and installation and knowing what the raw product had been, I still was amazed by the outcome.

These units bring a multitude of solutions. Some are simple requirements – a temporary base, a way to deliver a product or something to provide welfare solutions – or the complex projects that drive interaction and become talking points. The main thing is experience.

We’ve seen some ‘new kids’ arrive on the container manufacturing and conversions scene lately, but a firm understanding of the original raw product is essential for success. With our years of knowledge and delivery of bespoke manufactured buildings and conversions, we add confidence and legislative processes to each project.”

Hugh continued, “Great ideas are simply that, ideas. Our team continually bring these to life and deliver eye catching projects, whilst creating adaptable, safe and sustainable solutions for clients. When it comes to bespoke manufactured and clever conversion projects it really does come down to 3 critical points; knowledge, expertise and, well simply that you start with talking to Eldapoint.”

Although Hugh delivered that last point with a wry smile, the sentiment is true. For the success of your next event or experimental brand project, look for informed advice, a turnkey partner and yes, Hugh was right, speak to Eldapoint.

The beauty of bespoke manufactured units and converted container buildings, is that either permanent or temporary, they deliver.

We hope to see you at an event sometime soon and as you enjoy the experience take a look around, you may just see an Eldapoint product.   




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