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Step Inside looks at Eldapoint’s bespoke manufacturing division, with some added comments and insights from our Manufacturing Division Sales Manager David Meikleham. We explore how our manufacturing division is bringing value and solutions to a diverse range of industries at home and across the globe.
What do you think of when someone says Modular Buildings or Portable Accommodation? I’m sure it all depends on which industry you work in. Some may not even recognise that the unit helping and making a difference in their industry started life as bare metal. At Eldapoint, our design, innovation and manufacturing team are delivering bespoke, industry leading modular building solutions across many sectors, including:

  • Rail (PEBs, REBs, BEHs)
  • Construction (Site Offices, Accommodation, Canteen, Toilets, Secure Stores)
  • Oil and Gas (Fire Retardant, Blast Proof)
  • Utilities (Telecoms Housing, Renewables Housing, Battery Storage)
  • Public Sector (Smoking Shelters, School Classrooms, Security Offices)

We asked David what makes Eldapoint’s manufacturing division different? “We have a product range which is widely recognised by many sectors and industries, but our added advantage and where we bring value is that we work with our clients to ensure whatever their requirements, challenges and ideas, we can produce bespoke buildings and units that drive safety, security and productivity.”

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Blast and fire - keeping the oil and gas industry safe

Oil and Gas is one of our key areas for manufacturing. We work closely with a range of industries involved in this sector, from the processing and storage of hazardous and explosive substances to protecting employees and assets from fire.

Our manufactured units for the onshore sector can be widely found working across the petrochemical industry. Whether you work in the desert sands of the Middle East or the tundra of Siberia, Eldapoint’s blast resistant and fire retardant portable accommodation and storage units will be helping to keep your people, equipment and business safe and secure.

Our blast resistant units are designed to industry leading specifications and will perform in some of the toughest conditions should danger ever arise, providing pressure ranges of:

  • 100mbar Free-field for 100msec
  • 320mbar Free-field for 100msec
  • 500mbar Free-field for 100msec

For those who are not involved in the petrochemical industry this probably doesn’t mean much, but rest assured everyone in this sector can appreciate their importance.

Our units can be manufactured to your exact specifications and supplied with optional HVAC and explosive gas detection shut off, so all-in-all our manufacturing process offers you and your staff the highest levels of protection and peace of mind.

Our Phoenix Fire Retardant Units saving you from the ashes

Helping safeguard your personnel, the public, your property and assets from fire is key for any business. This can be particularly challenging when this involves temporary sites, especially when you may not be in overall control of health and safety. That’s why having the correct fire rated portable accommodation is critical. Manufactured to your bespoke specifications we work with customers to fit out their units not only with lighting and heating, but with automatically triggered fire curtains for doors and windows which should give those tasked with your organisation’s health and safety a better night’s sleep.

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Personnel comfort and welfare

Although safety is always to the fore, sometimes employee wellbeing is equally important. Our welfare units can be fitted with a host of personnel-focused solutions such as canteen units, changing rooms, toilet blocks and drying rooms. Our units can be fully fitted with utilities and even air conditioning units for those situations or climates that are challenging.

David commented “For many of our customers whose personnel work in some extreme conditions across the globe, the ability to have their breaks and downtime, and even sleep in comfortable and safe surroundings is paramount. We work with our customers to understand their specific requirements, every unit we manufacture is tailored to suit weather conditions, personnel numbers, health and safety requirements which are industry specific and especially comfort."

"Every week we see bespoke manufacturing enquires, every customer has specific requirements and we tailor all our manufacturing products to suit our clients specifications. When it comes to the pre fabrication of Modular Building Systems, each project is unique. There are so many options we can offer, from Jackleg Units, groundhog and stacked Accommodation Blocks to Canteens with fitted Kitchens and Shower Blocks."

REB, PEB and BEH – cutting through the jargon with bespoke rail solutions

For those operating within the rail industry, these acronyms can be used in many conversations. Why? Well, simply put these products are part of the infrastructure that helps keep this industry moving. For those unfamiliar with the products, travel along any rail route throughout the world and you will see a growing number of equipment housing units appearing.

With the downsizing of trackside electronic equipment, Bespoke Equipment Housing (BEH) is reducing the need for bricks and mortar buildings and the manned signalling boxes which used to be a familiar sight across the rail network.

Not only are all our equipment housings fully compliant with UK rail industry standards, but we can tailor our units to every client’s specific needs, including bespoke internal and external finishes, as well as size to work within all locations.

Our Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBs) are another staple product for the rail industry, the perfect solution for walk-in trackside telecoms and signalling which are critical not only to safety, but the smooth running of our rail network.

Specialist Manufacturing – Professional and Proud of Every Product

There really isn’t an industry or sector Eldapoint don’t work with. The next time you see a smoking shelter, a site building or report to a security office or gatehouse, take a minute and have a look at the construction, the likelihood is that it is a modular unit which is manufactured by Eldapoint, or dare I say a competitor. We appreciate that we are not the only company who supply these kind of modular buildings, but we pride ourselves on being the best. This is not a boast we take lightly, as David Meikleham will back up: “Eldapoint’s Manufacturing Division has an industry leading facility on Merseyside. Our team of specialist designers, fabricators, welders and painters take pride in every project and nothing leaves our site until the entire team is happy with the finished product, this is why we have such a good relationship with our customers, which continues to grow.”




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