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Cheshire Police Bespoke Unit

Cheshire Police Bespoke Unit

Cheshire Police Bespoke Unit

Our innovative manufacturing division has provided solutions to the challenges facing a wide range of industries and organisations over the years.

One of the strangest requests came from Cheshire Constabulary. Its drugs division, based at force headquarters in Winsford, was having issues relating to evidence gathering, centred on the drying of cannabis seized during its investigations. The force was looking to reduce costs by moving from the use of external contractors
to producing the evidence in-house.

In order to do that the force needed some form of building, external to its HQ, so the “smells and effects” of cannabis drying were not transferred to its officers and staff.
It was an interesting problem to solve and we're glad to report we acheived it!

Approach and Solutions

It was soon established that only a bespoke unit would be appropriate to provide Cheshire police with a definitive solution.
A modular unit was discussed and designed to include:

  • A drying room
  • A small office
  • An evidence room

Another key area was security. The nature of the operation meant that high-level secure doors were required both externally and internally. A secure drop box allowing evidence to be delivered 24-hours a day also had to be factored into the design process. Working closely with our client a number of designs were modelled
to ensure an operational, cost-efficient solution.



As the design began to take shape, additional requirements were included in the unit.
A range of drying and evidence gathering systems and materials had to be incorporated. These included:

  • Temperature controlled room
  • Centrifuge
  • Centralised Fume Extraction System
  • Integrated Shelving system

Once everyone was happy with the design, a full set of CAD drawings was produced and signed off to allow our manufacturing team to begin their work.
As this was a bespoke design, we worked very closely with Cheshire Police and its drugs team throughout the project.
This included a number of site visits to discuss progress with the manufacturing project leader.

Our delivery and installation team delivered the bespoke unit on time to Cheshire’s police headquarters.

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