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New DAF XF 530 fleet arrives at Eldapoint

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

New DAF XF 530 fleet arrives at Eldapoint

Eldapoint continues to invest in the latest technology in order to keep delivering excellent service whilst reducing emissions. Here is the first batch of the 21 new DAF XF 530 trucks that are coming on Fleet. The first seven were on the road on Friday, March 1st 2019, with the remaining 14 to come over the next few weeks.

The Eldapoint transport division has a team with extensive knowledge of container logistics including the installation and commissioning of units once delivered to site. Our new fleet will enhance our industry leading service and offer improved customer service.

These trucks are specified with high ratio drive axles to lower engine revs at cruising speeds along with the latest fuel-efficient software, they have Sat-Nav with predictive cruise control, which reads the terrain and knows when a hill is coming so will change gear at the optimum time. There is a range of safety features including automatic braking and lane departure systems and also feature forward-facing cameras.

All of these features are designed to improve fuel consumption and lower Eldapoint’s carbon footprint, the trucks all meet Euro 6 standards.

General Manager, Bill White commented "As a company with a division which is part of the UK haulage and transportation sector we always monitor our fleet to ensure we meet our own emissions targets and improve safety for our drivers and wider road users. This new fleet sees Eldapoint continue its investment across our organisation."

Many thanks to Adams Morey DAF in Southampton for the excellent service.

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