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Transport Monthly highlight Eldapoint success in a challenging sector

Monday, 12 December 2016

Transport Monthly highlight Eldapoint success in a challenging sector

Eldapoint General Manager, Bill White, recently spoke with Transport Monthly, explaining the continued growth success that our transport division is experiencing, after a challenging time for the industry. It has been well recognised that the economic downturn across many of the industries our transport division supports, has led to a decline over the past 10 years for transportation services.

Bill explained to Transport Monthly; "Although this has been a difficult time, the strategy at Eldapoint was to ensure that through management and investment in innovative and next generation vehicles, once our customers sectors started to regain stability, we were in a position to meet their requirements. It's true this was a risk at at time when many competitors simply chose to not invest, although our research and planning has confirmed it was the calculated risk that we had belief would pay off."

The approach by our business has been the right decision for us and our ever increasing client base that utilise our transportation vehicles and services.

Bill continued to inform Transport Monthly; "As of this year, Eldapoint is running 23 vehicles and five sub-contractors in Liverpool, Southampton, Felixstowe and Grangemouth. We are now looking to further expand this capacity to take on up to 45 more vehicles. 
Our fleet currently consists of 23 brand new 44-tonne Arties with skeletal trailers for container transport. The majority of these trucks are OAF XF 105.460 Super Space tractor units and two OAF XF 105.510 units, which are currently being tested against the smaller engine sizes. All new vehicles coming in are now fitted with tracking and full telematics; in conjunction with a driver training programme. This programme helps drivers achieve better fuel economy so they know how to make the most out of this technology. This innovative approach to modern day facilities is why customers recognise we deliver a safe, legislative and cost effective solution."

Our transport division is in an enviable position that our investment has paid of for us as a business and the benefits for our clients is why we are continuing to see this division grow and be recognised - Eldapoint has won a number of awards due to our excellent customer service and performance on timed deliveries - with our firm receiving the Chu­Chi award at the 18th annual NYKHaulier of the Year Awards, last February, due to receiving a 1.78% failure rate during 2015.

Going into our 50th anniversary, Eldapoint plans to continue growth across all of our divisions, including increasing our feet further. By September, we plan on expanding our Transport division by another 10 trucks. As Brexit continues to make an impact in the economy, our firm believe our actual trading will be un-affected and continue to thrive.

Bill White explained further; "Eldapoint do not operate in Europe as container work is mainly via the Far East so no change to customs paperwork. However, the decreasing value of the pound has affected everyone involved, as the cost of trucks, fuel, tyres and other necessities have risen. We had a strategy to be an industry leader previously and our strategy for the next 10 years and beyond will see that success continue." 

In speaking to Transport Monthly, Bill White and Eldapoint highlighted and recognised the support of the following customers and suppliers for their contribution to the growth and survival of our transport division: APL, ACL. CMA, Hapag Lloyd, Hyundai, NYK Line, OOCL, Adams Morey OAF, H ireco, Hanbury Riverside, UK Fuels and Fleet Management Solutions. 

You can find out more about our transport division, fleet and service solutions by visiting our Transport Overview.

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