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Shipping Container Welfare Unit for Plant Hire Client

Shipping Container Welfare Unit for Plant Hire Client

Shipping Container Welfare Unit for Plant Hire Client

Working in partnership with an industry leading hire company, Eldapoint provided a structured plan to replace older accommodation and welfare units for the client. As they are a growing company, we created the immediate solutions, whilst addressing future fleet requirements for the business.

The challenge the client seen, was matching the existing fleet units in size, specification and colours. Our design and manufacturing divisions delivered solutions and a strategy to fit products and services seamlessly around the client’s existing operations.

Sustainability was key for the client. A desire that units met requirements now and offered a simpler way to grow the fleet was important.

Eldapoint’s experience was a critical factor in the client’s decision making in contracting the work. They could quickly see that we understood their operations and end users and we delivered fleet units that exceeded expectations. Ensuring that the latest equipment was installed to meet the clients’ specifications and those of the latest electrical installation certification was another area delivered by the Eldapoint team.

Our in house turnkey services provided the client with open communication throughout the project and a robust structure for future orders.



Approach and Solutions


Working directly with our design team, the client was involved in the set up of the container fleet design. We gathered information during initial meetings that provided us with insight into how the client wished to further develop the design of their fleet. 

Our client consultations led to the discovery that some of the steel sections used during the original build of the units where not a standard product.
Our design team, working with the client, re-designed the steel fabrication process which allowed the installation of a standard box sections and panels which not only made the build easier but saved the client any additional costs.

We built the first unit to test our new build method and to ensure that the client had vision of units prior to full order. Although this was signed off, if any modifications were required, they would have been able to be addressed at early intervention. 

All new units matched the existing fleet perfectly and with the client receiving full order to agreed budget and timescales.

The project did bring it’s own challenges although we are pleased to report our new solutions have been fully working models and delivering new provision for the client, which has led to further orders for Eldapoint.

A mutually beneficial relationship that is testament to our client relationship focus.

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