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Modified Shipping Container for Biomass Boiler

Modified Shipping Container for Biomass Boiler

Modified Shipping Container for Biomass Boiler

Eldapoint has a long standing history of delivering specialist housing solutions. From machinery, switch and control equipment or solutions for the renewable energy industry, our divisions plan, design and supply products to meet your requirements. Our experience within the renewable energy sector led to a company specialising in providing bio-mass power to both small and large clients, seeking our assistance.

Working to our clients’ specifications and budget we delivered bespoke new build housings and converted container options.

From initial consultation it was evident that the client required a structured plan to match the demand of their product. Their existing provider offered a solution for each site which slowed down production and was an expensive approach for client and end user. Our design and manufacturing team modelled a range of solutions for the client to meet each of their units, without requiring ‘new thinking’ for each and every project. This provided a more cost effective management plan for the client and reduced costs. An advantage to our approach was the client could address costs for the very early stages of each sale and speed up the process of ordering and supply.



Approach and Solutions


Working with our team, the client now had designs and production plans for a more standard range of buildings to house the machinery which would be based on bespoke designed housings and converted ISO shipping containers.

This approach delivered better production methods and lead times, ensuring that both we and our client would not be over promising and under delivering as demand grew.

Our designers provided a range of seven buildings which could be built and prepared off site and delivered when required ready to use.

The range is interchangeable as some modules included hoppers for the biomass-boilers and others offered open plan boiler rooms with detachable hoppers which could be shared between buildings.

Although standard options have been developed, the bespoke nature of these meets with all our clients needs and matches legislation and health and safety that is critical within the industry.
The clients supply chain needs have increased and with the initial plan and products Eldapoint have developed, management of this has now become a seemless and cost effective operation for our client.

Our client is delighted that ‘supply and demand’ is now met and the additional bonus of providing a more profitable model has not gone un-noticed, with us developing a strong client/supplier relationship.



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