Converted Shipping Container for Retail Sector

Converted Shipping Container for Retail Sector

Our conversions division has brought multiple solutions to the retail sector and many companies are looking at the flexibility these units provide. One city centre property management company has experienced the benefits of our managed service. The client turned to Eldapoint for shipping container conversions when they wanted to develop an area into a meeting place and hub which would attract more people into the city.
We decided that a pop-up venue was the best solution for the client and retailers. This would allow small and medium-sized businesses into this new space, to attract footfall and new revenue.

Providing management of new and used container conversions, delivered space solutions with cost-effective results. 

Design, manufacturing, fit-out and delivery logistics were all key elements to bring a successful project together.

Each of our divisions had close communication with the client throughout the project and addressed all areas that may have brought challenges.


  • Mersey Maritime
  • Ward Haddaway
  • ISO9001
  • MPBA
  • Achilles