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Experience tells us that a one size fits all approach doesn’t suit every customer. When a standard 8ft 6” size container doesn’t meet the needs of your business, we can offer
our high-cube container option. Boasting an extra foot in height, our high cubes have a similar structure to our standard size units but offer added headroom,
greater volume and increased flexibility.

That provides you with additional scope for tall loads as well as serving as ideal storage units for equipment such as diggers which may not fit into a standard container.

And, as with all our products, these units are robust and extremely secure providing you with peace of mind that your valuable equipment is safe from
damage and theft and is being maintained in the ideal condition.

We have the infrastructure to provide you with High Cube containers that fit your needs.


We take a flexible approach to our customers’ needs – if you have a particular issue or challenge, we’ve got the experience and expertise to find the answer for you.

Thanks to the extra head room they offer, our high cube containers are ideal for converting to a range of uses and an ideal solution for storing
larger equipment and transporting bigger volumes.

And you can have confidence that our robust steel structures will offer the weather and anti-vandal protection you need – all our units are fully wind and
water resistant, come with quality interior flooring and fitted with a range of security features .

And, of course, if you have additional requirements in mind, our specialist team will work with you to tailor our design to your needs.

Understanding your business challenges

Flexibility and versatility are key attributes of the products we sell and the people we employ – that’s why we lead the way in supporting industry with container solutions.

Our track record means we understand the business challenges you face whether that’s protecting your equipment or making the maximum use of your storage space.

Our high cube units epitomise that approach. Working closely with you, we’ll quickly identify your specific needs and devise a tailored solution which fits the bill
and adds value and security to your operation.


Flexible high cube containers, tailored to meet your needs and offer a range of benefits:

  • Increased Height
  • Added Capacity For Bigger Cargo/Storage
  • Easy Transportation
  • Improved Ventilation


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