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We believe our business is about making it easier for you to do business. We’ve built our reputation on devising solutions which add value to our customers’ operations.

Our open top containers are specialised solutions which offer cost effectiveness and flexibility, their key benefit being the ability to load via the roof of the unit.

With a weather resistant tarpaulin covering rather than a solid roof, open tops allow you to transport oversized material such as large machinery, timber, metal or scrap which can best be loaded by crane from above.

Adding further flexibility to your operations, open tops can be customised with an option to remove or swing its rear header to allow oversized cargo to be loaded more easily.

No matter how difficult your loading issues, open top containers provide solutions.


Our versatile open top containers are an excellent option providing benefits across both shipping and storage.

Both our 20ft and 40ft open top units deliver the flexibility our customers our need and are particularly useful for transporting or storing loose or bulk material
which could otherwise be problematic’

These units are ideal for addressing situations where loads or equipment are too tall or overly heavy or where loading sideway is difficult.

And with safety always at the top of our list of priorities, our units come fully fitted with lashing rings to ensure that all cargo is fully secured during transportation.

Cost effective solutions to operational issues

Our open top units are specifically designed and manufactured to deliver a simple solution to the challenge of transporting oversized material or equipment.

Their key benefit of simplifying the packing and unpacking process ensures we add value to the businesses we support by making their operation
more efficient and productive.

We pride ourselves on our ability to devise practical, cost-effective solutions to the issues our customers face and with its unique features, our open top unit
is a perfect example of our approach.


Open top units have a variety of industry applications including:

  • Shipping
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Safe Transport of Oversized Material
  • Storage of Oversized Equipment


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