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Used originally by the military to transport weapons and other large equipment due to the easy access they provided, side opening units now have
an increasingly wide range of applications in a variety of industry sectors.

As well as being used for specialised engineering purposes, these 20ft or 40ft units have become a popular choice for conversion into everything from
generator housings to pop-up retail outlets and mobile exhibition stands. In addition to standard cargo doors at the end of the unit, these containers can
be customised to feature concertina or side-panel doors running the full length of the unit.

These specially modified units are the ideal solution for customers who want easy and unrestricted access to stored material or equipment.


From lengthy experience we have a detailed understanding of the day-to-day issues which can slow productivity in your operations.

Being unable to easily fit outsized equipment or unwieldy material into containers or unload key equipment can have a big impact on your operational efficiency.

Our side opening units are designed to ensure your people have easy access to the goods and equipment they need, particularly when time is tight or space on your site is limited.

By opening up the entire length of the container through the use of side doors, you can enjoy full, unrestricted access to the unit, speeding up your operation and saving staff time.

Fitted with our range of standard security features, you’ll have confidence that your products and equipment are fully protected.

Delivering the goods for your team

At Eldapoint, we’re committed to creating solutions that work for your business.

While we offer our customers the full range of standard containers, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver bespoke units which meet the challenges they face,
whether that’s storing and safeguarding essential plant machinery, saving your team time when loading and unloading material or providing easy access to supplies.

Our long track record of success is based on the skills and experience of our design and manufacturing team in coming up with the answers to the questions you ask us.


Side opening units have a range of applications including:

  • Generator Housings
  • Mobile Exhibition Stands
  • Oversized Equipment Storage
  • Process Enclosures
  • Biomass Boiler Housings


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