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Our customers need our products to demonstrate versatility and adaptability – in short, they want to be able to choose from a range of options which will
fit their specific needs.

We supply a range of 10ft containers which are suitable for both storage and shipping of smaller cargoes. In particular, these units are the ideal, small to
medium sized fit for situations where, as is often the case, onsite space is limited.

We create our 10ft units by customising our standard 20ft and 40ft containers, creating both a cost effective option and one which uses your space to maximum effect.

We can tailor these units to serve a wide range of purposes, from storing material and equipment for the construction industry to providing domestic users with the ideal alternative to the garden shed for housing larger garden tools.

10ft shipping containers deliver a flexible solution for restricated areas.


Our track record of success has been built on gaining an understanding of the challenges our customers are facing and providing the ideal solution.

For many, the issues can be specific to the particular site they are working on and the constraints of space, site access or cost. Our 10ft containers are
an extremely cost efficient option, particularly for the domestic or smaller industrial user, offering a neat, secure solution which can accommodate everything
from shop stock, to lawn mowers, small vehicles and engine parts.

And we’ll tailor our unit to your specification whether you require electrical connections, a choice of flat panel or roller shutter doors or additional security measures.


We’ve made our name on our ability to create container solutions that solve customer challenges. On any congested site where space is at a premium,
our 10ft containers are the ideal option, using the storage area you have to best effect while bringing you a mobile unit which is both strong and easily portable.

With all our steel-constructed units including exterior hinged double doors, locking bars on each door and a fitted lockbox you can have complete confidence
that your tools, materials and equipment are secure and weather protected.


Our 10ft containers have a wide variety of applications including:

  • Tool Storage
  • General Household Storage Use
  • Equipment Storage
  • Lock Ups
  • Delivery Bay


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