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Eldapoint’s 20ft shipping containers are amongst the most popular in our range, providing an ideal option for both shipping and storage of goods and materials.

Offering strength, security, versatility and value for money, these units also work for many of our customers as components of wider structures
such as sales offices or housing.

Flexibility is probably the key benefit of the 20ft unit, making it a popular choice in a whole range of industries including:retail supermarkets, utilities, construction, agriculture and leisure.

20ft units can be easily modified to include internal and external accessories and add-ons to meet your needs.


Our customer service approach is focused on innovation and flexibility. We pride ourselves on our ability to create the ideal container solution
to meet your requirements, whether you want to store electrical equipment on your construction site, showcase your retail products in a pop-up
shop or find a secure housing for chemicals.

Our containers offer you full protection from the challenging UK climate and are fitted with air vents, lashing points and plywood flooring.

A variety of extra features are also available depending on your requirements including standard or slimline lockbox for added security and easy to open doors.


The container has come a long way from its original use within the shipping industry. From those humble origins, it is now an increasingly popular option with
a whole range of businesses and sectors from retail outlets, bars and restaurants to washrooms, welfare units and renewable energy housings.

Our ability to tailor our units to include heating and lighting options, easy access doors, windows and other modifications, means we can deliver to whatever specification
is right for you and your business. If you need other sizes of container, please see our 40ft containers page.


Our 20ft containers are deployed across a range of industries with uses including:

  • Switch Rooms
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Machine Workshops
  • Chemical Storage
  • Biomass Boiler Housing


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