It’s true to say that today we experience as much of a ‘made’ environment, as a ‘built’ environment and converted shipping containers are transforming the way designers and businesses are approaching projects across the globe. It’s all a matter of thinking inside and outside the box. From the harsh extreme environment of Antarctica to bustling, hip city centres, intelligent container conversions are delivering innovative building solutions. How we work, live and socialise has changed and container conversions are providing the adaptability to create opportunity for smarter thinking.

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Converted shipping containers offering new solutions for retail

Shipping Container Retail Units

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 by
Converted shipping containers offering new solutions for retail

The expense of ‘bricks and mortar’ retail space has seen many retailers turn to the adaptable, affordable solutions provided by converted shipping container units. We are continually seeing pop up businesses emerging throughout the UK and becoming a more familiar sight. These businesses range from shops to bars, cafes, restaurants and product show-rooms.

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