Case Study - Shipping Container Conversion for British Antarctic Survey.

When the British Antarctic Survey approached Eldapoint for specialist container units, it was a challenge we accepted.

When the British Antarctic Survey approached Eldapoint for specialist shipping container conversion units, it was a challenge we accepted. Conducting polar science requires access to well-equipped research stations, ships and aircraft, as well as bespoke units to house people and specialist equipment. British Antarctic Survey operates four research stations throughout the year in the Antarctic, and one during the summer and seen Eldapoint as the perfect partner to support all expeditions.

BAS required replacement modular units for their survey basecamp. Being able to withstand conditions and temperatures averaging -50 degrees centigrade.

Halley VI is a station based near the Brunt Ice Shelf on the Caird Coast of Antarctica and has been operational since 1956.

We discussed all requirements and of course conditional challenges with the client, ensuring each unit could meet all logistical challenges and deliver comfort and security.

Approach and Solutions using converted shipping containers

Schematic drawings of the layout and internal requirements for each module which included accommodation, laundry, showers and toilets, a surgery and service modules, were all carefully assessed and planned in advance.

We set out a strategy for the client, involving them throughout the process. It was agreed that the best logistical solution was at the Antarctic site, the units would be assembled onto frames with sledge runners as we were aware they would be required to be moved occasionally after the accumulation of winter snows which would partially bury buildings.

We chose to utilise 20ft high cube containers which gave us the extra height for services to be fitted within the modules.

Working to and planning exacting specifications is a standard process for our team, but with a project of this kind, every detail needed to be planned and checked. Our conversion design specialists developed a series of AUTOCAD drawings and agreed to every element with the client.

The client also had the advantage of our project updates throughout the conversion, assembly and testing processes.

Weight tests and final assembly and FAT tests were carried out at our facility prior to delivery and all the units were re-certified for shipping and ready to assemble after their long journey to the site.

Even in these extreme conditions, our team has delivered.

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