Side opening containers are adaptable for many uses from shipping, storage and conversions, offering easy access to larger cargo items.


Originally used by the military to transport ordinance, machinery and equipment due to the easy access they provided, side opening units now have an increasingly wide range of applications in a variety of industry sectors.

As well as being used for specialised engineering purposes, 20ft or 40ft units have become a popular choice for conversion into everything from generator housings to pop-up retail outlets, and mobile exhibition stands. In addition to standard cargo doors at the end of the unit, these containers can be customised to feature concertina or side-panel doors running the full length of the unit.

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The ideal solution for unlimited access to stored item without the need for unnecessary unloading.
Manufactured to ISO standards and CSC plated with standard end doors with custom side doors.
Side opening shipping containers have the same security as standard ISO shipping containers .


Eldapoint is the UK's premier supplier of new and used shipping containers solutions, including ISO standard freight containers which are CSC plated and a wide range of specialist containers including tunnel and side opening shipping containers. Our refrigeration team supply, repair and upgrade reefer units which can be customised to your bespoke requirements.

Renewable energy housings case study for a hotel outlines the manufactured solutions Eldapoint can build for the renewables sector.
Converted shipping container project brings a pop-up rave venue to Liverpool's Baltic Triangle.
Shipping container conversions project keeping revellers happy over the festive season.
Shipping container conversion cafe is helping a charity continue to operate their cafe which is an important income stream and community facility during renovations.
Open side shipping containers are the ideal solution for customers who want easy and unrestricted access to stored material or equipment without having to unload other stored items.


With over 50 years of experience across all our divisions, we understand the diverse needs of our clients and we stock a wide range of products accordingly.

Tunnel or double door shipping containers, designed for use in situations where you need the option of dual entry. We can supply standard ISO tunnel or modify existing containers for access at both ends. Tunnel containers are ideal for drive-in-drive-out transportation.

Eldapoint have a number of stock containers available for sale and ready for delivery or uplift. Check this page for some of our current list is items or contact us for latest updates.

All new ISO shipping containers, commonly called one-trip, are manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, and painted to order using approved paint, in RAL colour range. Explore our full range of options to fit your requirements.

When you need extra height for shipping or storage, Hi-cube containers are the perfect solution. Available in 40' and 45' options our used containers are wind and watertight and can be a CSC certificated to prove cargo-worthiness. With an extra foot in height which provides over 300 cubic feet of additional capacity.

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