Case Study - Welfare Unit for Plant Hire Client.

Delivering a structured plan to replace older accommodation and welfare units. Sustainability was key for the client and units now meet requirements.

One of our core manufacturing products is welfare units for the construction industry. We sell mainly through hire companies who hire out accommodation, toilet blocks and welfare units throughout the UK. Eldapoint work with several site building hire businesses, and not a day goes by where we don't pass a unit which was manufactured at our Merseyside site.

Working in partnership with an industry-leading hire company, Eldapoint provided a structured plan to replace older accommodation and welfare units for the client. As a company they were going through a period of growth as part of their long-term plans - therefore we required a solution to meet their immediate need for new units, while continually working to address future fleet requirements for the business.

Welfare Unit Build Challenges and Solutions

The challenge faced by the client was matching the specifications of the existing fleet units, not only in size but in external and internal design, as well as colour range and livery. Our design and manufacturing divisions delivered solutions and a strategy to fit products and services seamlessly around the client’s existing operations. We were also able to provide enhanced products which incorporated new technics and materials which had become available since the build of the previous units.

Sustainability was a key factor for the client. The desire that units met requirements now and offered a more straightforward way to grow the fleet was important. The longevity of use in an environment which can sometimes lead to damage and excessive wear-and-tear required the manufactured units to have a tough exterior, but also a good internal feel and look.

Eldapoint’s experience was a critical factor in the client’s decision making in contracting the work. They could quickly see that we understood their operations and end-users, and we delivered fleet units that exceeded expectations. Ensuring that the latest equipment was installed to meet the clients’ specifications and those of the latest electrical installation certification was another area delivered by the Eldapoint team.

Our in house turnkey services provided the client with open communication throughout the project; this included the design and planning stage, build schedule and delivery logistics, plus a robust charting process for future orders.

The client was very happy with our approach to the project which covered a significant time period and investment from them as well as Eldapoint which has lead to several new projects.

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