Converted shipping containers offering new solutions for retail


The expense of ‘bricks and mortar’ retail space has seen many retailers turn to the adaptable, affordable solutions provided by SHIPPING CONTAINER CONVERSIONS. We are continually seeing pop up businesses emerging throughout the UK and becoming a more familiar sight. These businesses range from shops to bars, cafes, restaurants and product show-rooms.

The flexibility of the space offered by converted containers, inside and out, allows for almost any idea to be turned into a place to welcome customers.

Pop-up retail has taken the UK by storm over the last few years and converted shipping containers are playing a critical role in its success. Now a staple in many of the UK’s busiest retail spaces and used by start-ups, to the world’s major global brands. A recent report ‘BRITAIN’S POP-UP RETAIL ECONOMY by The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and EE, the UK’s largest digital communications company - estimated that the UK's pop-up industry is worth £2.3 billion.

If further evidence to the appetite for converted shipping containers within the retail industry was needed, you only need to look toward Boxpark Shoreditch, which is now home to 19 restaurants and bars, and 27 shops. The sister site in Croydon has 35 places to eat and drink. With the industry employing over 26,200 people, it’s safe to say the container conversion and pop-up-shop revolution is firmly in full flow.

Although online shopping continues to increase, customers still want to pop in, chat to retailers and explore the wares in their physical context. We have also seen a rise in street food and artisan products, which demand prime location and after normal shop hours opening. A new breed of consumer is embracing a revolution in shopping, entertainment and brand awareness and it’s time for retailers to take competitive advantage.  

Below we explore how converted shipping containers are delivering an effective solution for retailers.

What are the benefits of using converted containers for Pop-Up-Shops

Let’s start with cost. Compared to traditional commercial space, the affordability of converted shipping containers wins hands down. New or used containers, you can turn these humble boxes into exciting, inviting and profitable spaces for your brand. Once the initial investment has been covered, the fact that you own the unit is another cost-effective and sustainable reason to opt for a CONVERTED CONTAINER UNIT.

Many locations close to shopping centres, or within busy city centres offer perfect locations but don’t carry the same rates as those within pre-built areas. Maintenance costs for your container are low and as the industry has grown many insurers are offering very competitive packages. With the added security that comes with such a robust product, we’re sure you can see the cost advantages.

Brand and create the perfect look for your converted container shop

There is something urban, raw and modern about a container unit and easily externally upcycled to match your brand, from colours to signage. A simple makeover can transform the appeal of the humble shipping container, although many of our customers are ‘clothing’ these units. With an abundance of clever and innovative cladding coverings, you can turn your container into a wooden shack, a slick, contemporary piece of architecture, or, if you’re looking for something to possibly blend into an environment, fully covered in grass! Adding windows is a simple addition and with container options including side and front opening containers, you can add further impact to passing trade.

The ways in which you can bespoke and bring a building of real interest together are simply endless and we never tire of some of the strange requests we hear. The critical thing is, they are available to you, assisting in making sure you grab customer attention and deliver that all-important retail customer footfall.

Portability of your container provides opportunity

Ease of portability is another key advantage to using a shipping container pop up shop for your pop-up business. Our SHIPPING CONTAINER RETAIL CASE STUDY explores the recent popularity for converted shipping containers.

Location is key for retailers. You need to be where your customers are. It may well be that your location is perfect, or, after some time, things may change, bringing a need to re-locate to pastures new. The beauty of container units is that you simply take your business to pastures new and as quick as you may need to.

The portability of converted shipping containers adds value and longevity

For many of our clients, portability offers solutions for them to ‘tour’, bringing their brand to customers for short periods, to introduce, or launch new products. Some even use these units to ‘test’ the viability of an area and audience prior to fully committing to a location.

Whatever reason for the movement of your store, the units offer you sustainability which is difficult to achieve or match with any other products of it’s like.

How adaptable are converted containers?

Due to the construction of shipping containers, they offer a simple way to expand your space. From initial build construction to addition of modules to an existing space, we have worked on many projects that have been adapted to customer and brand, environment and growth. We are currently working on a project which will see a number of converted shipping container units, brought together to create a complex for artists and television production crews. We'll bring further news and case study on this project soon.   

Converted shipping containers are seen by many as the most flexible way to reach, engage and build audiences and customers.

With a number of shipping container size options and configurations, the adaptability of the units can suit simple constructions to very complex modular spaces. 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers, along with specialist shipping containers including; high cube, open top and side opening containers provide numerous ways for you to create the perfect space. It may seem strange to say of such a robust product, but it truly does offer a flexible way to build and create the perfect space environment.

Getting started with your pop-up-shop

There are many things to consider before starting your project and the most important thing is to source and work with a company with the experience within the sector. Container conversions projects can be simple but that’s only when good planning has been put in place.

Like any build project, it’s critical that the health and safety of the construction are of the highest standards throughout for you and your customers. As an accredited member of the MODULAR AND PORTABLE BUILDING ASSOCIATION, Eldapoint has the experience and know-how to make your project match your ideas as well as ensuring safety is paramount throughout build and installation.

Thinking ahead to what space you require now and possibly in the future will ensure you build the right shipping container conversions construction for now, but with the future in mind and internal space, design is something our shipping container design team can guide your decisions throughout.

With all our containers and manufacturing built within the UK, you can be assured they meet with legislation.

Consider a checklist of areas that you need to consider:

To discuss your project, contact our container conversions division using the form below, we’ll be happy to hear your ideas and set you on the path to a new way of welcoming customers. 

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