Case Study - Renewable Energy Solutions for Care Homes.

Eldapoint has worked on several bespoke renewable energy solutions for Biomass and battery storage. This case study was for a biomass Storage solution for a Care Home.

Renewable energy is one of the most talked-about and critical innovations in recent years. With climate change and the rising cost of fossil fuels, many businesses and homeowners are turning to alternative fuel sources including solar and biomass solutions.

Eldapoint has been working with the renewable energy sector for a number of years, protecting these assets. We have manufactured and converted a number of solutions which include battery storage units for solar power and biomass boiler and fuel housings.

What is Biomass and how do Eldapoint Solutions Help?

Our client AFS Biomass Limited explains - In terms of heating "Biomass" is the name given to organic material that can be used as fuel. The new generation of "multi-fuel" biomass boilers supplied by AFS is up to 96% efficient and can burn wood logs, wood pellets, wood chips, cereals and Miscanthus! (a high yield crop also known as Elephant Grass, we were informed).

Container Conversion Housings for Biomass

Eldapoint container conversion division was contacted by our client AFS Biomass Limited who specialises in innovative Biomass energy solutions across the UK. Their customer, a care home in North Lincolnshire had purchased a Biomass solution from them which required an onsite housing and a fuel store adjacent to the building to enable heating and hot water to be supplied to the Care Home.

Eldapoint conversions team specified two 40ft high cube containers as the most suitable type for the biomass storage units. The team cut and re-joined both containers to enable them to fit into the footprint allocated onsite.

A number of specialised fittings were required, these included secure doors and louvres to allow ventilation but keep out rain plus interior steel partitions and pipework to allow connection to the care homes heating and water system. Another key requirement was noise reduction, so the interiors were fully lined with 12mm ply boards.

The gallery of images below will guide you through the process from conversion at our Merseyside fabrication facility to the installation process.

As the units would be situated within the grounds of the care home it was critical that the finished housings did not look too out of place in relation to the buildings and surrounding grounds, therefore the container conversion units were clad in 150mm tanalised timber which blended well with the trees which stood around the location of the units.

The Future Looks Bright for Renewable Energy

After the success of this recent installation, AFS Biomass have taken the biomass heating and housing product to a wider market and key customers and have received very positive feedback which has led to a number of enquiries for AFS and subsequently Eldapoint.

Eldapoint has worked on a number of bespoke renewable energy solutions for Biomass and battery storage. We tailor our products to your individual requirements and we can help develop specialist units for every location and environment.
- Hugh Daly, Conversions Team
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