Five Creative Ways to use Container Conversions.

Shipping containers are extremely versatile and can be converted for a multitude of different purposes. 

Did you know there are hundreds of different ways to use shipping container conversions? Well, now you do! In this blog post, we’ll give you a brief rundown of five different innovative and creative ways to convert a shipping container and turn it into the space of your dreams. 

Pop-Up Cafes and Bars

Quirky, innovative and transportable. What more could you ask for? Pop-up cafes are a convenient way to reach customers who are after their caffeine fix at a variety of locations, and for you to take your business all across the country. With a pop-up cafe or bar shipping container conversion, you can revolutionise your business in a unique and stylish way that’s quickly catching on all across the world! 

We know that fixed cafes and bars pose a number of challenges, from the high cost of the build and rent to the inflexibility. But with a pop-up shipping container conversion, you’re guaranteed cheaper costs, a unique modern vibe, and your business in a box, so you can relocate whenever you please! 

Retail: Bookshops, Vintage Stores and More!

Whether you’re a small business looking to set up shop locally, or a larger company wanting to branch out to different locations and offer your customers something a little different, shipping container conversions might be the choice for you. With a wide variety of heights, lengths and dimensions, as well as custom designs, Eldapoint are proud to help you bring your business to a fresh new audience all across the UK. 

But what if we thought bigger? Take, for example, the revolutionary BOXPARK, just one amazing illustration of the versatility of shipping containers. Designed in 2011, BOXPARK is a pop-up shopping mall for independent and global fashion and lifestyle stores. BOXPARK brings communities together with three separate stores across the London boroughs of Hackney, Brent and Croydon. This shipping container mall is home to more than fifty different quirky and creative outlets, including niche designer shops, skateboard stores and even florists! BOXPARK has shown us all how shipping container conversions are the future of retail, and have the potential to grow your business and inspire local communities.

Your Very Own Work from Home Office Space

With the age of working from home upon us, you might be struggling to find a space in your home to escape noise and find focus. Enter: the office container conversion. Eco-friendly, spacious and full of natural light, container conversion offices are a fantastic way to separate your work space from your living space, so you can still feel like you’re coming home from work at the end of the day!

Eldapoint can customise your shipping container office to your exact specifications, and add a few creative touches while we’re at it. We want to help your vision come to life, whilst making sure your office conversion is affordable, mobile and stylish, so you can have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. 

Garden Sheds and Greenhouses

Got the green thumb but don’t want to shell out thousands for the latest flimsy roofed garden shed? Shipping container conversions could be your answer. We all know how important sustainability is these days. The solution? Scrap the idea of your classic wooden shed and go with a super-durable, weather-resistant shipping container conversion that won’t break the bank. Spacious enough to store all kinds of equipment, from the lawnmower to the kids trampoline, your shed container conversion can also be customised to blend in nicely with the rest of your garden. 

Why not get creative and build a bug home on the exterior, or grow a trellis of honeysuckle up the side. Shipping container sheds don’t have to be overwhelmingly huge or cumbersome- they can actually add to your garden, creating a fantastic and versatile space to work, study and store your tools. And the best part is that Eldapoint provides customisations of all shapes and sizes!

Besides cheap and sturdy sheds, we’ve also seen some super creative uses of shipping containers as greenhouses. Sounds impossible, but take a look at this inspiring bunch of students who have turned a shipping container into an innovative eco-friendly greenhouse for their school community.

Classrooms and Education Spaces

Need a quick solution to your school’s increasing number of students? Most new school buildings cost an extortionate amount of money and take a long time to create. But with a classroom container conversion, you can have a new spacious learning area assembled quickly over the summer holiday period. Shipping container conversions are an exciting new space for students and teachers alike, taking learning outside of the traditional classroom and giving your students the chance to shine academically amongst nature. 

It doesn’t just stop at one single classroom though. Classroom container conversions can be used to create an entire school out of shipping containers! Take a look at this fantastic eco-friendly college campus in Thailandfor some wild out-of-the-box inspiration.

Space Solutions Tailored To Your Requirements

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing just a few of the many innovative and eco-friendly ways to use shipping container conversions. Have a look through our “Conversions” section for even more inspiration, or contact us today using our quick and easy quote form!

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